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How to Check the Status of a Completed Grant Application


Each term after the drop/add period the financial aid office will review a student’s grant application and certify that the student meets the minimum qualifications for the grant in which they submitted an application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
I’ve checked online and my status says that I’m “eligible” and “certified” but I do not see an award amount. PEG/PFAP Applicants:  The PEG and PFAP grant programs have limited funding available and by statute priority awarding is given to students who have received PEG or PFAP grants previously in order to fulfill the expectation of promised funding.  Once returning students have been funded, applications for students who are applying for PEG or PFAP funds for the first time are considered provided funding is available.  All eligible applicants not selected for an award will remain on the waiting list until June 30 in the event additional funds become available. 

I’ve been awarded but funds have not yet been paid. Once an applicant has been certified as eligible and awarded a grant, the institution must request the funds on behalf of the student.  Once this is completed, funds will be sent within five business days using the preferred method selected by the student.
The website says that my funds have been paid out, but I have not received the check.  The disbursement date that appears on the website is the date that the funds were processed by the Commission.  Applicants who elected to have the check sent to their home address should expect funds five to seven business days from the date on the website.  The check must be submitted to the financial aid office at the institution for processing.  Applicants who elected to have the check sent to their institution on their behalf should allow ten to fourteen business days for the check to be received and processed.